Italian Sausage Brand Launches New Vegan Line as Meat Sales Decline

Mortadella — a large Italian sausage product that is often cut into deli meat slices — is getting a vegan makeover courtesy of Felsineo, Italy’s leading mortadella brand. Their new line, Felsineo Veg, is launching with six different plant-based meat slices inspired by the flavors of Italy and will offer a clean, animal-free alternative to a commonly bought food.

The line, which was launched in response to a decline in mortadella sales, is something the company is ready to stand behind. Felsineo president Andrea Raimondi said, “It is an incontrovertible fact that the number of consumers choosing vegetarian and vegan [products] is growing.” Raimondi continues, “[These] are not ephemeral fashions, but new eating habits that are well positioned under the umbrella of health and well being.”

The new Veghiamo line is made quite differently from traditional mortadella meat — no bloodshed necessary. In addition to the animal-free production, the vegan products are made with a new technology called “Mopur”; a process involving the fermentation of flours and legumes until they develop a specific taste and texture.

Currently, the line is offering six different slices of vegan meats. Some options include: “delicate,” “spicy,” and “truffle.” Felsineo Veg is in good company, as another Italian food company, Selex Gruppo Commerciale, released a new vegan line as well. It’s clear that vegan options are increasing in Italy and all over the world and big food brands are taking note.