Italian Vegan Croissants Set to Roll Out Across The UK


San Giorgio began as a small family business in the 1980s, based in Castel San Giorgio, near Salerno in Italy. Their baked goods can now be found across Italy and in many coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and delicatessens abroad too.

The company’s wellness line includes vegan and gluten free products which have already rolled out across Italy and will soon be available in the UK! The company states the line is ‘dedicated to those who love a healthy lifestyle or to those with special dietary requirements.’

Their vegan range includes different types of croissants, including the ‘vegan curved croissant plain’ and the ‘vegan curved croissant apricot jam.’ And if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your craving for cruelty free baked goods, they also supply a ‘vegan fogatto’ with ‘red fruit jam.’

The brand claims they have achieved the ‘perfect recipe’ in terms of their wellness range, achieving a ‘mix of ingredients that can transform a traditional croissant into a delicacy for vegans, lovers of special flours, or simply consumers looking for lightness.’

San Giorgio’s vegan croissants are sadly not currently available to buy in supermarkets or shops across the UK, but it’s not all bad news as they can be bought in bulk by restaurants, bakery’s, cafes and other businesses in the food service sector.

Here’s hoping they get snapped up by a coffee shop near you soon.

Image Credit: Shutterstock