Italy’s Vegan and Vegetarian Population Experienced a Staggering 94.4% Growth

The numbers and profits for vegetarian and vegan diets are undeniably strong these days. Proponents of a plant based lifestyle have much to celebrate, given how it is reaching all corners of the world.

According to Euromonitor International, Italy had the fastest growing vegetarian population between 2011 and 2016 with 94.4% growth. Simply put, Italy’s vegetarian population nearly doubled in the past five years. Add to the above information that the global market for vegetarian and vegan products was valued at $51 billion USD in 2016, and you get a movement that is having incredible, worldwide impact.

These numbers put a wrench in the traditional argument that veg diets are nothing more than trends because most ‘trends’ don’t last this long, let alone do this well in the global marketplace. More people these days are adopting meat-free, plant based diets, meaning that more companies will have to change to accommodate this growing need. This means the above numbers will, likely, continue to grow.

Will Italy remain the leader in vegetarian growth over the next few years? Will they reach those heights with their vegan population as well? Or will some other country take the crown? Only time will tell.

Image Credit: Shutterstock