Jaguar Puts Faux Leather Interiors In the New I-PACE EV

Jaguar Puts All-Vegan Leather Interiors In the New I-PACE EV

 Jaguar added faux leather interiors to its new I-PACE EV for a holiday campaign.

The car manufacturer teamed up with Jonathan Scott — a Canadian designer and host of HGTV’s “Property Brothers” — to launch #UnwrapAJaguar, a new festive campaign focused on sustainable luxury.

Scott — an advocate for environmentally-friendly living — helped design a new fleet of electric Jaguar I-PACE vehicles. Each car has LumActiv on the outside. The patented photocatalytic coating helps break down odors and airborne pollutants.

The team have decorated the cars with recycled wrapping paper and energy-efficient LED lights. The interior features a manmade leather, which contains some wool. The exterior consists of recycled aluminum.

Scott said in a statement, “design and sustainability are incredibly important to me, so I am joining Jaguar to spread the word that having a green Christmas is the new white Christmas.

“From recycling wrapping paper to LED holiday lights and gifting an electric vehicle, there is so much we can all do to make the holidays more sustainable,” he added.

The fleet of nine cars will be parading through the streets of Los Angeles and New York City.

Passersby who spot the parade can take a selfie with the fleet and post an image on social media with the hashtag #UnwrapAJaguar to be in with a chance of winning an I-PACE EV.

Vegan-Friendly EVs

The world of car manufacturing is starting to become more environmentally-friendly. Many companies are also adding vegan interiors to new models.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E featured vegan leather upholstery. Ford wanted it to be an “animal-free” product in order to attract a “certain type of customer,” said the company’s color and materials designer Brittany Moss.

Volvo also recently announced the launch of its vegan-friendly EV, the Polestar 2.

CEO of the company Håkan Samuelsson said in a statement, “we will bring sustainability into our company, not as something to add-on, because it’s good, or something that is expected of us. We bring it into the company because we think it’s really good for our business.”

He added, “it will make our company grow faster. It will make our company stronger, exactly as safety made Volvo stronger.”

[Editor’s Note: This article was corrected on December 8, 2019. The original source said the leather material was all vegan. It contains wool.]