James Cameron: ‘Wake the F-ck Up’ and Save the Planet

James Cameron: 'Wake the F-ck Up' and Save the Planet

James Cameron believes people need to “wake the f–k up” when it comes to the climate crisis.

Together with his wife Suzy Amis Cameron, the Academy Award-winning director has backed environmental causes for years. But, in his view, much of the world still doesn’t understand the urgency of the climate crisis.

According to the United Nations, humanity has under 12 years to prevent major climate disaster. Rising global temperatures could cause more floods, wildfires, droughts, and food shortages for millions of people. “People need to wake the f–k up,” Cameron told Variety. “We’re going the wrong direction as fast as possible.”

“I like to say that we’re like Thelma and Louise,” he continued. “We’re driving straight toward the canyon at 90 miles per hour with the radio cranked up and the top down.”

There are many ways people can help to turn the car around, believes Cameron. Changing their diet to plant-based is at the top of the list; it’s the lifestyle change the Camerons have focused most of their efforts on encouraging. “We felt that [food] was one of the least well served, least understood, and [one of the] biggest, most important ways that we could effect change,” he explained.


‘Change The Way You Live’

Cameron’s vegan documentary “The Game Changers” — which stars multiple high profile athletes and will screen around the world on September 16 —  focuses on debunking several myths around meat, including that men need to consume it to be manly.

Actress-turned-environmentalist Suzy released her own book — named “One Meal a Day: The Simple, Plant-Based Program to Save Your Health, Save Your Waistline, and Save the Planet” — last year.

“We tried to find something that was less well understood and was a major lever that could effect change,” continued Cameron. According to the biggest-ever food production analysis conducted last year, going vegan is the single biggest thing a person can do to reduce their environmental impact.

“We all drive around in our Teslas and our Priuses and think we are doing a great job,” he added. “But really we’re all assuaging our liberal guilt. The real solution is: change the way you live.”