James Corden Goes Vegetarian and Films ‘Carpool Karaoke’ With Vegan Musician Paul McCartney

James Corden at an event in a black suit with flower embroidery

Comedian James Corden, host of America’s popular late-night talk show, “The Late Late Show,” says he’s now on his way to full-fledged vegetarianism.

“At Christmas, I read a story about the mistreatment of elephants and realised I was upset about animal welfare while eating a bacon sandwich,” Corden told Radio Times.I was upset about animal welfare while eating a bacon sandwich. I thought, ‘Well, you really can’t be upset about elephants and not think about the pigs.’ I hope I can keep it [vegetarianism] up. I will certainly try.”

The comedian and actor added he will also eliminate seafood from his diet. “I’m going to try to phase out fish next. It’s going to be a gradual process,” he commented.

A recent study revealed that cured meats, such as bacon, along with fish, may increase one’s risks of developing leukemia (cancer of the blood) by 74 percent. Meat and dairy-rich diets are linked to a 50 percent increase in heart failure in men.

Corden’s shift in diet and his consciousness about animals may come as quite a surprise for many viewers. Corden is known for a segment of his talk show called “Truth or Eat,” where guests join him in eating a multitude of obscure, often animal-based foods such as bull penis and cow tongue.

Earlier this week, Corden was seen with longtime vegan Sir Paul McCartney. The former Beatle was reportedly filming “Carpool Karaoke,” a popular segment on Corden’s show. No word if the two discussed the many benefits of the vegan diet or animal welfare issues, but as a vegetarian since 1975 and a longtime supporter of various animal rights organizations, McCartney likely had some tips to offer.

Vegan Celebrity Steve-O 'Pigs Out' on Vegan Bacon Chips

As Corden continues his journey into vegetarianism or veganism, he is likely to be sampling different plant-based meat products. A researcher at PCRM (the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) recently revealed that these foods indeed help people transition to meat-free or vegan diets. Corden can still enjoy bacon without harming pigs. Vegan and vegetarian bacon can even be made from the comfort of almost any kitchen.

The Internet contains a plethora of free recipes that can help the celebrity on his way, including how to make a BLT and sizzling bacon – all wholly plant-based, yet still smoky and crisp. Even pigs in a blanket, if that’s his jam. And if “pigging out” on plant-based bacon chips pops onto Corden’s radar, fellow celebrity Steve-O would be happy to join him, going by his previous group vegan snacking experience.

Corden joins a growing list of celebrities ditching meat for health and ethical reasons. Actor Craig Robinson gave up meat last year for his health, and was recently spotted at an event crowning Los Angeles as the most vegan-friendly city in the U.S. And similar to Corden, rapper Will.i.am had an epiphany about his diet and its relationship to animals. “I thought about what I was eating — I was gnawing on flesh, dead animal. And if you think about it, it’s kind of sick. Imagine you’re hungry — almost starving. You have a bushel of broccoli, and then a chicken walks by. Are you going to rush the chicken, no utensils, and just eat it? Defeather it — eat the skin and cartilage, no seasoning and salt? No, you’re going to dive into that bushel of fricking broccoli,” he recently told the Evening Standard. “Turns out gorillas are buff as f***. They have big-ass muscles, they just eat leaves and sh**. Rhinos are tough as gladiators and they aren’t gnawing on people.”