“Babe” Actor James Cromwell Stars in New Vegan Super Bowl Advertisement

“Babe” Actor James Cromwell Stars in New Vegan Super Bowl Advertisement

Longtime animal rights activist and outspoken vegan, James Cromwell has teamed up with animal rights organization, PETA to produce an upcoming ad. This ad is set to play during the next Superbowl – which holds the record as the most watched show ever to be broadcast on American television to date.

While the widely viewed Superbowl is actually the championship game of National League Football (NFL) – in recent years, the Superbowl has become more famous for the often bizarre, always buzz-worthy commercials, which inevitably turn to internet sensations overnight and are made into an overwhelming stream of memes. (Will Katy Perry ever live down the #leftshark incident…)

Arguably, these commercials can be more of an important reason for people to tune in, than even watching the sports game. According to Neilson, Superbowl broadcasts in America boast an average of 114.4 million viewers.

Oscar-nominated actor, Cromwell has previously been involved with activism and protests alongside PETA, including one SeaWorld protest earlier this year at which he was arrested.

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Cromwell hinted at what is to come in this upcoming commercial by sharing a short video on PETA’s Instagram account. In the clip, he addressed the account’s followers then stated, “this is James Cromwell and we’re here in this beautiful church shooting a Superbowl ad, but I can’t tell you too much about it, but it’s very provocative and you’re gonna enjoy it.”

The acting star then adds, “[i]t’s important. Thanks, watch.”

So, while it unclear exactly what we can expect to be seeing in the near future from Cromwell both in the names of animal activism and his ad – PETA’s 584,000 Instagram followers can only ponder the possibilities…

Will Cromwell’s assurance of the ad being “very provocative” mean he strips down in the name of activism (alike many female PETA ambassadors do), gears up in tight footie sportswear for the Superbowl context or lies with rescued farm animals in a grassy field, covered minimally? Whatever the outcome, the extensive audience is set for a right eyeful.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons