Jason Momoa’s Vegan Sneaker Range Is Made From Algae

Jason Momoa's Vegan Sneaker Range Is Made From Algae

Jason Momoa just launched two limited-edition vegan shoes. The new kicks are part of his collaboration with the climbing apparel brand So iLL.

The actor announced the new sneakers—which are part of the So iLL x On the Roam collection—on Instagram. A new way to roam,” he captioned in a post. “We’re all in this together.”

The Unity Purple and the Yaya Lavender Roamers feature a variety of sustainable materials. These include canvas uppers made with 100 percent organic cotton and biodegradable outsoles. 

And it looks like the Aquaman star might have gotten a little inspiration from his role as the defender of Earth’s oceans. The vegan kicks feature insoles made of cork and algae. The algae comes from BLOOM, a company that turns algae blooms into sustainable materials. The brand works to help maintain healthy ecosystems and reduce water pollution.

Algae blooms occur when algae grow out of control. They can be harmful to their surrounding ecosystems because they deplete the water’s oxygen levels and block sunlight from reaching fish and other plants.


Jason Momoa: vegan shoes, made sustainable

The So iLL x On the Roam collection launched in 2019.

In addition to the two limited-edition shoes, the collection features its signature lifestyle shoe, Wino, the Kanaka sandal, as well as climbing shoes, outdoor bags, chalk bags, masks, and shirts. 

Similar to the Unity and Yaya Roamers, the products feature sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, algae, recycled plastic, and recycled polyester. They also include callouts to Jason Momoa’s triangular patterned tattoo.

The Game of Thrones actor is passionate about sustainability. In 2019, Momoa addressed the United Nations to talk about the issue of ocean pollution and water inequality. “We are a disease infecting our planet. From the atmosphere to the Abyssal Zone, we are polluted,” he said.

He also shaved off his beard for the first time since 2012 to raise awareness for plastic pollution and encourage people to recycle. “I just want to do this to bring awareness that plastic is killing our planet. And I think I have a solution,” he said in a video posted to his YouTube channel. 

To tackle plastic pollution, Momoa has also launched his own plastic-free water company, Mananalu. The company packages its water in recyclable aluminum cans.