‘Jay and Silent Bob’ Just Released a Vegan ‘Hot Ones’ Show

‘Jay and Silent Bob’ Just Released a Vegan ‘Hot Ones’ Show

Vegan filmmaker Kevin Smith made a vegan version of the popular internet series “Hot Ones.” The ten-minute parody is the latest piece of marketing for the upcoming “Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.”

In Smith’s all-vegan “Not Ones” he interviews his friend and co-star Jason Mewes to promote the upcoming film. Smith and Mewes — who play Silent Bob and Jay — chat and try increasingly spicy brands of hot sauce.

“These, I should point out, are from Veggie Grill. So it’s not meat. [It’s] meatless,” says Smith. The pair eat their wings with vegan ranch and even share a wing in true “Lady and the Tramp” style; taking one end each and meeting in the middle. “I love fake meat,” says Smith.

“This was done in fun,” Smith assured fans. After Hot Ones chose not to bring Smith and Mewes onto the show, they decided to emulate its format with this interview.

“This has been my favorite Jay & Silent Bob Reboot promo thus far, and it never would’ve happened under any other circumstance,” commented Smith. “Not Ones is not meant to incite revolt, it’s meant to remind you that if no band will have you, simply start your own band with your friends!

The characters of Jay and Silent Bob either appear or are referenced in most of Smith’s films including the classic “Clerks” (1994), “Mallrats” (1995) and “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back” (2001). This is collectively known as the “View Askewniverse.” The new movie will also star actor, activist, and fellow vegan Shannon Elizabeth.

Smith ‘Loves Fake Meat’

Smith went vegan after he experienced a major heart attack in early 2018. Since then he has spoken regularly about its transformative effect on his health. Smith is extremely vocal about animal rights, animal welfare, and other social justice issues.

The vegan advocate appeared in a thanksgiving promotional video for Farm Sanctuary with his daughter; fellow vegan actor Harley Quinn Smith. “I will never eat another turkey. And I will go out of my way to see that others might not as well,” says Smith.

The Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will launch at Fathom Events screenings on October 15th and 17th. Smith has also toured roadshow-style screenings of his films since using them to promote “Red State” in 2011.