GoT Star Jerome Flynn Gets In a Cage Just Like Your Bacon

GoT Star Jerome Flynn Gets In a Cage Just Like Your Bacon

“Game of Thrones” star Jerome Flynn recently participated in a demonstration against animal cruelty in London’s Oxford Circus high street.

The vegan actor crouched in a small metal cage — much like the ones used for factory farming pigs — in order to highlight the “horrific” conditions in which they live. The demonstration is part of the “Pigs in Chains” campaign.

Flynn — who played Bronn in the award-winning HBO show “Game of Thrones” — is an outspoken animal advocate.

The actor has encouraged people to sign a letter that urges supermarkets and food retailers to only source high welfare pork. Listed brands include Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Greggs, and Domino’s Pizza.

“Factory farming is one of the most horrific examples of how far we have strayed from our hearts,” said Flynn in a statement. “In the relentless drive for profit.”

“We call on all our major retailers to do the right thing,” he added. “And lead the way by ceasing to trade in any meat that isn’t high welfare.”

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Factory farming restricts pigs’ movements and their ability to socialize.

Pigs in Chains

The non-profit campaign group Farms Not Factories organized the demonstration and drafted the letter. The group’s “Pigs in Chains” campaign also targets the intensive farming permitted by the Red Tractor labeling scheme.

Red Tractor is a product certification program run by Assured Food Standards. The labeling scheme received negative attention earlier this year after animal-rights charity Viva! uncovered serious animal cruelty at Hogwood Farm — a Red Tractor certified producer.

Flynn starred in a 2019 documentary film about the campaign called “Hogwood: a Modern Horror Story.” According to Viva!, around 4.9 million pigs are alive on farms in Britain at any one time. Ninety-eight percent of these pigs are fattened inside sheds while 63 percent of mother pigs are kept indoors.

“After seeing the horrendous conditions and animal abuse that is happening behind Hogwood’s walls, I had to do something,” said Flynn. “The pigs of Hogwood aren’t just meat products, they are sensitive, emotionally aware beings just like us and they deserve better than this.”

Flynn is not the only vegan “Game of Thrones” star to advocate for animals. Actors including Peter Dinklage, Nathalie Emmanuel, Lena Heady, and Maisie Williams are also dedicated vegans.