Vegan Celeb Jessica Chastain Shares Her Love of Animals and Cruelty Free Living

Jessica Chastain (The Help, Zero Dark Thirty, The Zookeeper’s Wife) is an animal lover to the core. In an interview with People, in honor of being named one of People’s 25 Women Changing The WorldChastain made animal rights the main topic of conversation… and couldn’t stop smiling.

She begins by talking fondly of her partnership with HSUS (The Humane Society of the United States) and goes on to talk about what role animal rights plays in her life. “I’ve adopted every animal I ever had,” she says. The importance of adopting every animal she’s ever had, lies in the fact that animals sold for profit empower dark businesses (such as breeders and puppy mills) that don’t have the animals’ safety and happiness in mind. Additionally, animals being purchased means that there are fewer animals in shelters being adopted. This ideology of supporting animal adoption is best summed up as #AdoptDontShop.


She continues on the note of being an animal lover by declaring her veganism and adding, “I believe in buying cruelty-free products.” This is paramount to many in the vegan movement, that loving animals means not paying for them to be displaced, hurt, or slaughtered. This is key to her partnership with HSUS, who work tirelessly across many industries to help many different kinds of animals (not just cats and dogs).

Her photoshoot and interview, complete with cute animals available for adoption, is a much watch for the sheer happiness, care, and joy it shares. Jessica Chastain is a champion for the animals and recognizes that many in the world don’t want to hear dissenting opinions on food or lifestyle — or much in general — particularly from women. But she’s not planning on staying quiet. She declares, “I’m not so interested in making myself small. And I’m not so interested in other women making themselves small and being ignored.”

Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls via Wiki Commons