JOE ROGAN’S Vegan Epiphany?!

This week’s vegan news: Oatly launches a new billboard campaign that reads: “Go ahead, eat like a vegan.” Joe Rogan hosts Louie Psihoyos, director of “The Game Changers,” on his podcast and explains how he hates factory farming. RZA also makes an appearance on Rogan’s podcast, and the rapper reveals that he is vegan for the animals.

Popular yogurt brand Chobani is launching a range of oat milk, oat milk creamers, and oat yogurts. Barclay’s projects that the vegan meat market could soon be worth $140 billion dollars. ITV will air a BOSH! vegan cooking show in the new year. Chris Kerr, CEO of vegan fish brand Good Catch Foods, thinks that we can all make a difference with our food choices.

NYC and LA city councils urge citizens to boycott large companies that have contributed to the Amazon forest fires. Lunchables creator Dr. Rody Hawkins has turned to vegan chicken. KD New York has developed vegan cashmere made from beans.