Jon Stewart Demonstrates the Right Way to Eat ‘Nooch’

Jon Stewart Demonstrates the Right Way to Eat ‘Nooch’

In a new Instagram video, Jon Stewart has demonstrated the correct way to eat “nooch” aka nutritional yeast — enthusiastically and in large quantities.

The lighthearted clip shared by The Daily Squeal shows Stewart tucking into a big bowl of greens sprinkled with nutritional yeast, a vegan condiment with a cheesy flavor. The writer and comedian, known particularly for his work on The Daily Show and for his political advocacy.

Stewart notably and successfully advocated for both veterans and 9/11 first responders. The 56-year-old left Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” in 2015 to help his wife, Tracey Stewart, to run an animal sanctuary in New Jersey.  Last August, Stewart helped rescue two goats likely escaped from a slaughterhouse that ended up wandering train tracks in Brooklyn.

Tracey, whose book “Do Unto Animals” published in 2015, is the president of the Hockhockson Farm Foundation, where their sanctuary is located. The Daily Squeal is a project of the foundation.

Laurino Farms, who are also part of the Hockhockson Farm Foundation, supplied detailed nutritional information as well as some suggested recipes with the post.

“Nutritional yeast is low-sodium, cholesterol-free, delicious, and nutritious addition to any snack or meal,” says The Daily Squeal. “It contains 5 grams of protein per tablespoon, as well as B-vitamins, and trace minerals. Nutritional yeast is a great source of B12, which promotes a healthy nervous system and prevents against anemia. Naturally gluten and dairy-free, it’s an ideal ingredient suitable for many different dietary needs.”

Growing Kindness

“At Hockhockson Farm Foundation, we are growing kindness,” it says on the collective’s website. “We hope to inspire our neighbors to eat more locally grown fruits, vegetables, legumes, and seeds.”

The Hockhockson Farm Foundation is working with Lunch Break New Jersey, who distribute food, clothing and life skills to the Monmouth County area. Discussing the program on the Hockhockson Farm website, the organisation emphasises the importance of a diet rich in unprocessed plant-based foods, and making such a diet accessible.

“We believe that being mindful about what we consume and how we treat all living things is the key to a better world,” says Hockhockson Farm Foundation.