Jon Stewart Helps Farm Sanctuary Rescue Goats From Brooklyn Subway Tracks

Jon Stewart Helps Farm Sanctuary Rescue Goats From Brooklyn Subway Tracks

Two goats who many speculate to have escaped from a local Brooklyn slaughterhouse were given a new sanctuary home by Farm Sanctuary with the help of former “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart and his wife, Tracey. The New York Times reports that the animal duo was found wandering the N train line by an M.T.A. (Metropolitan Transport Authority) employee late Monday morning.

Fortunately for the goats and NYC commuters, the portion of the line where they chose to graze was down for station repairs. According to the M.T.A., subway employees and police were able to corral the animals to a safe location, where they were tranquilized and taken into custody. The ordeal caused only minor delays.

“We’ve seen cats and dogs but never goats,” Captain Jonathan Bobin an M.T.A. employee of Transit District 34, told ABC7NY. “This is a new one here…They were nervous and kept running from our personnel, but we were able to get them and take them off the tracks safely.”

Once the goats, who have since been named Billy and Willy, were safely captured, they were picked up by Jon and Tracey, who helped to transport them to Farm Sanctuary, one of the world’s most prominent havens for rescued animals, in upstate New York.


“There, they will receive medical examinations and the world-class, individualized care,” said Farm Sanctuary spokeswoman Meredith Turner-Smith. She added that both goats are male Boers, a breed that is typically raised for meat. Brooklyn is known to have several small slaughterhouses in operation throughout the borough. In a video following the rescue, Jon can be seen helping to bring the frightened goats to their new home.

Jon and Tracey’s compassion for animals

In October 2015, Jon and Tracey announced a partnership with Farm Sanctuary in order to open its fourth location in New Jersey. At the time, the Stewarts were also the recipient of the Gift of Life Award, which is presented to individuals who promote compassion for farm animals. In January 2017, the pair received official approval from the town of Colts Neck to convert the 45-acre Hockhockson Farm into the new sanctuary.

Tracey, a longtime vegan, serves as a member of Farm Sanctuary’s Education and Communications Committees and is also the author of the book “Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better.”

In 2015, Jon revealed that he had adopted a vegetarian diet for ethical reasons, however, many speculate that he eats plant-based frequently. In November 2017, he and Tracey sent a selection of vegan cakes from renowned Pennsylvania-based plant-based bakery Vegan Treats to the hosts of “The View” following a dispute over whether or not desserts could taste good without animal products. While making an appearance on the show “Late Night With Stephen Colbert,” Colbert jokingly commented: “Jon’s so vegan he’s got the abs.”

According to Farm Sanctuary, Billy and Willy the goats are currently being held at its flagship location in Watkins Glen, NY.

Image Credit: Farm Sanctuary