Former ‘Daily Show’ Host Jon Stewart is Vegan (and Apparently Has Killer Abs)

‘Jon’s Vegan, So He’s Got the Abs’: Stephen Colbert on Jon Stewart’s Vegan Diet

In a recent interview with actor Matt Damon on Late Night With Stephen Colbert, the late night host teased Damon about his role in 2011’s Happy Feet 2, where Damon and Brad Pitt play krill (small crustaceans eaten by whales, seals, penguins, squid, and fish), suggesting that the script had first been offered to Colbert and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, but they had to decline because of their busy schedules.

Damon played along and inquired who of the two would have taken the Brad Pitt role, to which Colbert replied, “Jon’s vegan so he’s got the abs.”

Stewart’s diet has been the subject of much speculation in recent years as the comedian left his Emmy-Award-winning show in 2015 in part to help his wife Tracey Stewart run an animal sanctuary in New Jersey. The farm is an extension of Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit with rescue farms in New York and California. Farm Sanctuary also works to promote the plant-based vegan diet and Tracey Stewart has been candid about her diet. But whether or not Jon joined her in the diet shift had been unclear in recent years. But the way in which Colbert let the comment slip to Damon made it sound as if it were a given.