Kat Dennings Inspired by David Attenborough to Ditch Meat and Dairy

Kat Dennings is ditching meat and dairy for the planet. The actress revealed on Instagram that she is transitioning to a plant-based diet after watching Sir David Attenborough’s new Netflix documentary, A Life On Our Planet

“I will never be the same. @DavidAttenborough this film is a handbook for how the human race can come together to stop destroying our round blue home,” Dennings captioned alongside a photo of the film’s poster. 

In the film, Attenborough urges viewers to ditch meat in order to fight climate change.

“I’m definitely going plant-based starting tomorrow,” she continued. “Except for butter.”


Denning’s Goes Plant-Based

Dennings fans were quick to chime in with their favorite vegan butter brands. One user replied: “There is vegan butter as well. And you don’t taste a difference. You rock!” Another wrote: “Miyoko’s is actual vegan butter replacementnot margarine style. So tasty. Give it a try.”

Dennings took the advice. She posted to her Instagram Story that she tried Miyoko’s Creamery butter, as well as the brand’s vegan cream cheese. She said: “Bought this butter, this vegan butter. Just tried it. And I was like ‘meh, this isn’t going to be good.’ And it is. It tastes like butter. How do they do it?”

“I’m honestly kind of mad because I didn’t realize that vegan dairy or whatever you call it was good,” she continued. “Legitimately, giving up meat is not a problem, I barely eat it. I maybe eat one meat every two months. But cheese and butter, I was like, ‘there’s no way, I love cooking too much, I love baking.’ I’m shook. And mad. And mad and shook. And shmad about how legit this stuff is.”

Newly Plant-Based

The next day, Dennings shared she’d had a hiccup while making her morning cup of joe. “Already failed at being plant-based due to coffee complications. I am making changes, but please lower your expectations. Thank you,” she wrote.

Going plant-based is easy, so long as you have the proper resources to help you make the switch. And, like Dennings, those who transition to a plant-based diet shouldn’t be too hard on themselves.

If you’re thinking about making the switch, here are a few helpful guides to get you going: vegan cheese guide, vegan egg guide, vegan meat guide.