Kat Von D Beauty Launches Vegan ‘Metal Crush’ Highlighter Range and ‘Inkwell Matte’ Liquid Eyeliners

kat von d beauty vegan

Kat Von D Beauty, an ethical, vegan cosmetics company founded by animal rights activist and entrepreneur Kat Von D, has launched a new highlighter and liquid eyeliner range.

The “Metal Crush Highlighter” collection is available in both powder and liquid form. The powders, which are “more insane than your average highlighter,” are available in five “unconventional shades” according to the Kat Von D Beauty website. Colors include Metallic Champagne Gold, Metallic Buttery Pink, Metallic Peach, Metallic Pink, and Metallic Ice Blue. The liquid highlighters are available in similar shades.

According to Kat Von D Beauty, “[The] Metal Crush Liquid Highlighter lights up your best features with an ultra-fine pearlescent fluid formula, perfect for a soft, everyday glow.” Further, the company is also planning the launch of six new eyeliners: the Inkwell Matte Liquid Liners. The new liners will be available in six eye-popping colors: Trooper Black, Dark Wave, White Out, Outlaw, Dreamer, and Vampira.

Kat Von D Beauty consistently releases new, quality products that are both vegan and cruelty-free. In the past few months, the brand has launched lipsticks, brow kits, eyeliners, and makeup brushes, proving that the beauty industry doesn’t need to rely on the exploitation of animals to make its customers feel beautiful.

In her personal life, Von D is a huge advocate for the animals, using the influence of her beauty company and her own social media accounts to encourage others to live a cruelty-free, compassionate lifestyle. In April, the makeup artist spoke out about the endangered vaquitas, asking her followers to ditch fish in an attempt to save at-risk marine life.

“The Vaquita has fallen victim and is now on the verge of going extinct because of fishing,” she posted on Instagram. “It crushes my heart and feels completely helpless at this point – and all I can do is strongly urge my friends and followers to please consider leaving fish off your plate. It’s the most effective form of activism one could do.” 

The new Kat Von D Beauty highlighters are currently available online and in Sephora. The Inkwell Matte Liquid Liners will be available in September.

Image Credit: Kat Von D Beauty