Filmmaker Kevin Smith Eats Vegan A&W Beyond Burgers While Filming ‘Supergirl’

Filmmaker Kevin Smith Eats Vegan A&W Beyond Burgers While Filming ‘Supergirl’

Actor, comedian, and filmmaker Kevin Smith is set to direct an episode of The CW Network’s hit show “Supergirl” in Canada this fall. Whilst working, the star aims to keep his strength up by feasting on vegan Beyond Burgers from fast-food chain A&W.

Responding to a post from the restaurant chain on Twitter, which confirmed the Beyond Burger would be back on the menu permanently beginning on October 1, Smith said, “Just in time! I’ll be there in a week or so to help make another episode of [Supergirl] so your [Beyond Meat] burgers will fuel me!”

Smith adopted a vegan diet after a health scare earlier this year; the filmmaker found himself in the hospital after experiencing a heart attack that nearly claimed his life. “Total strangers saved my life tonight,” he wrote on Facebook at the time. He added, “I’m sure I’ll be facing some lifestyle changes, (maybe it’s time to go vegan).”

The comedian followed through on this statement and has embraced a plant-based lifestyle, much to the delight of his daughter Harley Quinn, who was already an ethical vegan. Back in April, she revealed to Page Six News that her dad was doing well following his heart attack, and thanks to his new diet, he was “the healthiest he’s ever been.”


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SMotivation: While walking Shecky back in August of 2013, a hidden paparazzi snapped pics of me that wound up on the @dailymail website. It was pretty humiliating, to say the least. So in an attempt at a Daily do-over, here’s an image of what I look like 5 years later while walking the same diminutive dog (photo by @harleyquinnsmith). Just saw my cardiologist (husband of @rikki_ladenheim_events) and he says I’m doing great since the heart attack. Next up: I’ll be adding a serious exercise regimen, beyond just all the dog-walking. And a side note to my friends and family: I’ve lost my phone. I’ll be getting it replaced, which means I’ll have a new phone number now. If you get texts from a number you don’t recognize, it’s probably me. I’ll use the safe word “PillowPants.” #KevinSmith #dogwalker #dogwalking #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightwatchers #shecky #dailymail #SMotivation

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However, despite his new healthy lifestyle, Smith is still partial to fast-food. Luckily for him, there are many plant-based fast-food options available, including Veggie Grill, a vegan chain, which has become a firm favorite of the director. However, mainstream fast-food chains are also cashing in on the nation’s new appetite for plant-based food. White Castle, for example, recently rolled out a vegan Impossible Slider nationwide after an overwhelmingly successful trial.

And of course, in Canada, A&W launched the meaty “bleeding” vegan Beyond Burger back in July. Since then, the burger has proved extremely popular with consumers; on its first day of launch, many restaurants announced they had run out of supplies. And in August, it was revealed that the plant-based patty was even outselling beef in some locations.

However, Smith may soon be able to fuel his busy work schedule with Beyond Burgers at home too, as A&W recently revealed it may also launch the vegan patty in its U.S. locations.

Image Credit: Kevin Smith

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