Vegan Filmmaker Kevin Smith Just Drove 3 Hours to Eat at the Nearest Veggie Grill

Vegan Filmmaker Kevin Smith Just Drove 3 Hours to Eat at the Nearest Veggie Grill

Actor, comedian, and filmmaker Kevin Smith may be Veggie Grill’s number one fan. In fact, he loves the vegan fast-casual chain so much, he recently took a six-hour round trip just to dine there.

Smith, who is currently filming an episode of The CW Network’s hit show “Supergirl” in Canada, recently posted about the journey on his Twitter account.

“I’ve eaten at great vegan restaurants up in Vancouver while prepping my ep of [Supergirl],” he wrote“But since I had the weekend off, [Jen Schwalbach] & I drove down to Seattle to hit my favorite plant-based eatery on the planet, Veggie Grill! (Not an Ad – just a fan who drove 3 hrs!)”

This is not the first time the actor has declared his love for the chain, which has current or soon-to-open locations in Oregan, Washington, California, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Earlier this year, Smith requested that the restaurant, which specializes in vegan comfort food such as burgers and burritos, open a new location near his home in Red Bank, New Jersey.

“I’m a recent vegan convert who loves your eatery and applauds your move into Boston!” He enthused, again on Twitter. “If you can, bring a Veggie Grill to Red Bank, NJ!”

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It’s not just the food that Smith loves either, but also the fellow celebrity clientele. On one recent visit, the director bumped into actor and “Jurrasic Park” star Jeff Goldblum. “Being vegan has finally paid off,” he tweeted, alongside a GIF of Goldblum being chased by a dinosaur in the 1993 classic. “Makes sense that he’s plant-based, considering he was almost eaten that one time…”

Smith has embraced the vegan lifestyle since suffering a heart attack earlier this year. His daughter, longtime vegan Harley Quinn Smith, recently revealed the actor is feeling the best he’s ever felt. “He’s doing really great,” she told Page Six News. “He’s the healthiest he’s ever been.”

Smith may be Veggie Grill’s number one fan, but LIVEKINDLY is fast becoming one of his; we have avidly followed (stalked) his progress since he initially hinted at going vegan back in February. Soon, he will be performing a show at the Rio, right next to LIVEKINDLY HQ in Vancouver, and we can’t wait to see him live in action and continue to follow (stalk) his plant-based journey.

Also, Kevin, if you’re reading this, next time you consider a six-hour round trip to stock up on vegan food, please remember that Vancouver is also full of vegan cafes, restaurants, and bars (although we understand the pull of a Veggie Grill craving). We recommend visiting “Meet” for loaded fries, burgers, Oyster Mushroom Kalamari, and more. We’ll see you there.

Image Credit: Kevin Smith

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