Filmmaker Kevin Smith Eats All the Vegan Things at L.A.’s Vegan Street Fair

Filmmaker Kevin Smith Eats All the Vegan Things at L.A.’s Vegan Street Fair

Filmmaker, actor, comedian, and vegan Kevin Smith was spotted indulging in plant-based treats at LA’s Vegan Street Fair Nights this past weekend.

In an Instagram post, one of the event’s vendors, We are the Vegan Hooligans, shared an image of the star posing post-feast with Payvand Salehi, founder of the reimagined peanut butter and jelly sandwich eatery, PBJ.LA. The Vegan Hooligans thanked Smith for stopping by to try the food and for “rockin a hooligan pin.” 

Salehi posed with Smith for the photo and shared a heartfelt post on his own social media. “Ran into the legendary @thatkevinsmith at @veganstreetfair,” he wrote. “He recently switched to a plant-based diet and lost a ton of weight. Now he’s healthier than he’s ever been.”

Smith seems keen to emphasize that he can still enjoy delicious food while adhering to a plant-based diet. The 47-year-old initially went vegan in order to improve his health after suffering a near-fatal heart attack last February. The following month, he was a guest on the Hollywood Babble-On podcast, where he reported that he had dropped 17 pounds in just nine days by following a vegan diet. Last April, his daughter vegan actor Harley Quinn Smith said that her father was “healthier than he’s ever been.”

Last June, he praised the health benefits of a plant-based diet during an interview on the highly popular podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and shared that his doctor found him to be so healthy, he was safely able to cut his cholesterol medication in half. Last week, Smith took to Instagram to share that he has lost 51 pounds since going vegan.

Despite his healthier lifestyle, Smith is still an avid foodie. He’s raved about the vegan meatball sub at LA’s Crossroads Kitchen and loves the food at vegan fast-casual chain Veggie Grill so much that he’s hoping for a location in his hometown of Red Bank, New Jersey. With all of the fantastic street food on display at Vegan Street Fair Nights, Smith was surely in his happy place.

Image Credit: Kevin Smith