KFC Double Down Burger Gets Veganized by Aussie Pub

Remember when KFC launched their Double Down burger, which literally used two chunks of chicken instead of bread? Nope, that wasn’t a weird dream, that actually happened.

And just when you thought that situation couldn’t get any more bizarre, the Double Down has now been “veganised”.

The Cornish Arms in Melbourne, Australia has created a mock version of the dish using entirely animal-free ingredients. Publication The Urban List explained:

“It’s two mock chicken patties (made from the finest soy), coated in Southern spices, fried and stuffed with ‘cheez’ (vegan cheese), ‘facon’ (vegan bacon), salad and tomato (real, actual tomato). You also get shoestring fries and a crunchy slaw”. 

Chef Lloyd Kembrey told The Urban List that the invention came about after “keeping an eye out on pop culture and mainstream food fads”. 

The traditional, KFC Double Down contained roughly a quarter of one’s daily recommended calories and 23g of fat. It also contained 4.56g of salt- more than three-quarters of your recommended daily allowance.

The Cornish Arms is not a vegan pub. However, they have been given the title of offering the largest range of vegan meals in the city. These dishes include vegan parmigiana, southern-fried popcorn ‘chicken’, plant-based souvlaki and a vegan chicken Caesar salad, complete with fried ‘egg’. A variety of innovative, animal-free burgers and sides are also on offer, as well as 12 craft beers on tap (which are all vegan).

The pub has ensured “that dietary preference is no barrier to good food and nights with friends”.

Image Credit: Jenna Fahey-White | The Cornish Arms