This week’s vegan news: KFC trials vegan popcorn chicken and a vegan fried chicken sandwich in Canada. A&W Canada launches plant-based nuggets. Two Mexican entrepreneurs just created leather out of cactus leaves.

Wu Tang Clan frontman RZA releases a vegan puffer jacket in a 36 Chambers and Embassy of Bricks and Logs collaboration. New York City opens the nation’s first “Office of Animal Welfare.” Mayor De Blasio has signed the bill on banning foie gras.

J.W. Mitchell High School in Florida is using the world’s first synthetic frogs to replace frogs in dissection. Former chicken farmer Mike Weaver is now growing hemp instead. Target Australia and K-Mart are dropping mulesed wool due to animal welfare concerns. The film “Joker” has exploded in popularity, and Phoenix is using his platform for animal activism.