5 Vegan Kickstarter Campaigns Taking Sustainability to the Next Level

Most of us know about today’s problems and challenges when it comes to our daily food, the waste of plastic, and the fast fashion world. By being aware of those problems, there are always moments in which we feel bewildered, maybe helpless, facing all of these challenges as individuals. But the world is changing and so is the market for positive, sustainable, and game changing projects.

The good thing: making an impact is no longer just a question of a big budget and profit-oriented investors. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, which gives individuals and start-ups the opportunity to present their ideas to all of us, and gives us the chance to be part of a change by supporting positive projects. Each of us can make an impact, whether by donations, pre-orders, or by just sharing the projects we love!

5 Vegan Kickstarter Campaigns Taking Sustainability to the Next Level


Sustainable, fair, cruelty-free. Those are the three fundamental values of the young eco-fashion brand NUVI NOMAD. “In a world where all things depend on one another, resourcefulness becomes logical.”

The German designer Nina Rössler has dedicated herself to social and environmental awareness and developed a PETA-approved vegan leather alternative, made from teak leaves. The vegan leather is lightweight, durable, water and dirt resistant, anti-fungal, naturally dyed, and free of plastic and animal-products. NUVI NOMAD is now ready to hit the market with their beautiful collection of bags, wallets, and yoga accessories. Nina strongly believes that changes are made through choices and plants the seeds for positive choices by providing a sustainable, fair, and cruelty-free leather alternative.


According to estimations, if we don’t change our behaviour of plastic waste, then by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. “It’s not waste until it’s wasted”, is the rationale behind the company w.r.yuma. And let’s be realistic, our world is still far away from a no-plastic and zero-waste culture, so we need a solution for all of the plastic waste, and why not turning it into something completely new? W.r.yuma takes old car dashboards, soda bottles, and fridges and uses 3D print to turn plastic waste into unique quality sunglasses. They inspire people to “not waste the waste” with their mission to kickstart a future, where waste is a concept of the past.

Reused Remade

The awareness about the negative impact of using plastic bags is increasing, and individuals, companies, as well as governments worldwide start to understand the consequences and look for alternatives. Buying reusable textile bags seems to be an obvious sustainable alternative to avoid plastic waste. But those bags might not be as sustainable as we think. To produce the virgin textile for most of those bags, a huge amount of fresh water, chemicals, and crude oil is needed. Some of these bags need to be used up to 400 times in order to level out the environmental impact of an eco-friendly plastic bag. The Swedish company Reused Remade targeted a global challenge by creating a bag made of 100% reused textiles. They provide a patent pending solution to turn discarded hotel bed linen into truly sustainable textile carry bags for practical, conscious, and fashionable consumers.

The Advanced Permaculture Student Online

Matt Powers, creator of this project, knows that to regenerate our world, repair all of the damage, and deal with the pollution we created, we need to cooperate with the most powerful force on earth: Nature! Matt is author, educator, seed saver, plant breeder, and family guy. He teaches people worldwide how to live more regeneratively and partner harmoniously with nature to guarantee an abundant future. The Advanced Permaculture Student Online is a 16-week video-based course with almost 30 expert instructors from all over the world. The course is made to inspire people, dive deep into the topic of permaculture, help participants to find their niche, and to create a better future by just making it real. Matt’s vision is to teach people how to create a permanent culture that partners with nature.

Agua de Luna

The textile industry is the second most contaminating industry in the world. Approximately 4 million clothing products are made world wide every day. And tons of those clothes are just thrown out. Agua de Luna uses traditional handmade techniques to transform cloth scraps into beautiful and unique accessories and interior decoration products. As the project was created to be a positive change in Mexico, Agua de Luna also teaches these techniques to women in marginalized communities and provides them the possibility of a job. Their movement “weaving for a cause” is meant to bring positivity into the world by reducing textile waste and supporting women in need.

If you believe in the visions for these amazing Kickstarters, you can support them by donating, pre-ordering, or sharing them with your friends and beloveds! If you find other amazing Kickstarter campaigns, which inspire a positive change and sustainability, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

Author: Milena | purple line warrior