Kim Kardashian West Says She Is Vegan Now

Kim Kardashian is embracing veganism.

Beauty mogul and reality star Kim Kardashian West says she’s vegan now.

The mom of four and wife of rapper Kanye West has been promoting vegan food on her social media accounts as well her recent decision to replace all of her fur coats with vegan versions. But whether or not she’d fully shifted to a vegan diet was unclear.

In an Instagram video shared by People Magazine, the 38-year-old star laughed off suggestions that she’d had ribs removed to give her a more slender waist.

“Honestly, being vegan now helps,” the star told Anastasia Soare, founder of the cosmetics company Anastasia Beverly Hills in the clip who said she’d never seen her so thin before.

Kim Goes Vegan

Last month the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star took to Instagram to share images of the plant-based sausages along with the vegan mung bean egg made by Bay Area brand JUST.

Kardashian-West’s shift to a vegan lifestyle may have been spurred on by fellow celebrity former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson. In 2017, Anderson sent a letter to Kardashian-West encouraging her to ditch her fur coats.

Anderson told Kardashian-West, “[t]imes are changing,” suggesting the reality star would be praised by shifting away from fur. “You know I love you,” Anderson wrote, “and you can be a hero for animals as well as a great example to all your beautiful followers.”

The suggestion appeared to have an impact as Kardashian-West revealed in May that all of her fur coats were now cruelty-free. The star shared a photo of her daughter North, 6, dressed up in a white fur coat.

“Remember when I wore this!,” the star said her Instagram post. “She picked out the same look lol but fun fact- I took all of my fave furs and remade them in faux fur.”

A growing number of celebrities have begun making the shift away from animal products, embracing the vegan diet for health and environmental reasons. Rapper went vegan for health reasons last year. Earlier this year, comedian Kevin Hart took to Instagram to tell his followers that he was giving this “plant-based thing” a try. He’s since become vocal about his love for the vegan Beyond Burgers.