New Vegan Video Recipes by Popular London Chef Coming Soon

London Chef King Cook has announced that he will soon be filming and sharing his vegan recipes. The popular vegan chef caught the attention of media last month, thanks to success of his Boxpark premises in London. The Chef’s restaurant ‘Cook Daily’ became the must-visit place this summer, thanks to regular visits from JME.

Cook opened Cook Daily in 2015, and has made quite a reputation from himself as a result of his fantastic cooking abilities. Cook claims that he’s managed to appeal to a wide audience, even attracting people who would normally be seen tucking into McDonalds and KFC. ‘Kids with tracksuits are eating Cook Daily rather than McDonalds…what more could I want?says Cook.

Cook attributes his popularity amongst the younger crowd both to JME’s regular visits to Cook Daily and to the relaxed atmosphere he aims to achieve. ‘They’re not gonna go to a juice bar in Notting Hill! But they will come here,’ Cook says of the kids in tracksuits.

His food is inspired by cuisines from all around the world. His menus can includes dishes as British as Chik’n & Mushroom Pie, or flavours from further afield like Asia noodles and Caribbean food.

Cook aimsto create a vibe in the London eating culture which just so happens to be vegan,’ and he also hopes to show people that veganism isn’t just about White, middle-class people.

Cook’s relaxed attitude and knowledge of a wide range of flavours makes the prospect of a cooking show from him exciting to any foodie, not just vegans. With a wide range of skills, King Cook will have the public whipping up dishes they never thought they’d be able to make.

It’s unclear when Cook’s first recipe will come out, as he’s still got to build his studio, having already found a space. However, he’s keen for the public to have their say on what kind of food they’d like to see him make.

Get ready,’ he says for ‘@cookdailyculture’!

Image credit: Taste Made | Vice