Kite Hill Launches Delicious Vegan Jalapeño Cream Cheese

cream cheese

Need a bit of spice in your life?

Kite Hill has got you covered.

Renowned as a brand “on a mission to make plant-based eating easy, enjoyable and great-tasting” Kite Hill produces artisan almond milk foods for the purposes of best achieving great taste, health and sustainability.

The company makes a range of yogurts, drinkable yogurts, artisanal cheese and pasta, and of course deliciously smooth cream cheeses. Kite Hill says: “[o]ur cream cheese style spreads are made with all-natural ingredients to create a spread with complex flavor and velvety smooth texture. Each batch is cultured to add depth, sweetness, and a subtle tang.” 

Now, adding to their existing plain and chive cream cheese spreads, Kite Hill has released a jalapeño style spread, which, they say, punctuates the cool smoothness with just a touch of heat.”

Made with almond milk, jalapeño peppers, salt, enzyme, xanthan gum, guar gum, lactic acid, cultures, it is suitable for vegans, and Kite Hill recommends trying the spread “stuffed into peppers or stirred into a veggie dip.”

Their products are available at many whole foods stores across the States, and you can check to see if there’s availability near you here.

Without wanting to sound too cheesy, Kite Hill really is getting us hot under the collar with their amazing new products.

Image Credit: Kite Hill