Kite Hill’s Vegan Yogurt Squeeze Tubes Launch at Whole Foods Nationwide

Kite Hill’s Vegan Yogurt Squeeze Tubes Launch at Whole Foods Nationwide

Squeezable vegan yogurt tubes by dairy-free brand Kite Hill are now available at Whole Foods Market stores across the country.

“Late summer is the perfect time for fresh berries and fresh ideas for back-to-school lunches,” the artisanal brand wrote on Instagram. “Our dairy-free yogurt tubes are now available for your little adventurers at Whole Foods nationwide.”

Kite Hill first launched its vegan yogurt tubes last August. Available in two flavors, Strawberry Banana or Wild Berry, the yogurt is made with almond milk, real fruit puree, live active cultures, and other natural ingredients. They are vegan, kosher, and free from dairy, soy, and artificial flavors and preservatives. While Kite Hill’s dairy-free yogurt tubes are marketed towards kids, they have found an adult fanbase as well, who liken it to Yoplait’s Go-Gurt squeeze tubes.

the growing demand for dairy-free

Across the nation, more consumers than ever are opting for vegan versions of classic dairy foods. According to a report released by research firm Future Market Insights last April, sales of vegan yogurt are set to reach $7.4 billion by 2027, driven by those looking for healthier products. In the UK, research has shown that sales of some of the nation’s top dairy yogurt brands are falling by as much as 9 percent.

Brands are responding to the demand with product launches that rely on innovative new ingredients. For example, New York-based Lavva uses pili nuts, a Southeast Asian nut, blended with cassava, plantains, and coconuts to create a creamy yogurt texture. In Finland, Kaslink is creating vegan yogurt using oats, and the International Agriculture Group is looking to create plant-based yogurt made from green banana flour.

Big brands are picking up on the trend as well. Last June, international French food corporation Danone hinted that it may release vegan yogurts under two of its established dairy-based brands, Activia and Actimel, to capitalize on the shift in consumer shopping habits.

Image Credit: Kite Hill