7 of Krakow, Poland’s Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes

7 of the Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants for a Medieval European Getaway to Krakow

Krakow, the charming medieval city in the South of Poland, might not be the first place you think of when you’re planning a vegan-friendly European weekend getaway. However, as well as museums, history, culture, and affordable bars, Krakow is teaming with vegan-friendly cafes, restaurants, and fast-food joints. In fact, according to veggie travel guide Happy Cow, the city is home to roughly 66 restaurants that either offer vegan options or are entirely plant-based.

Here are seven top dining picks to keep you on your toes as you experience a weekend away in one of the largest, oldest, and most interesting cities in all of Poland.

7 of Krakow’s Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes

1. Krowarzywa

Krowarzywa is a small vegan burger chain with locations in a number of cities across Poland. In Krakow, it’s situated just a few minutes away from the picturesque main square.

With a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, Krowarzywa has a strong reputation for consistently offering tasty, creative, plant-based fast-food for an affordable price. Choose from vegan pastrami, a chickpea patty, tofu, or a millet patty with salad in a wrap or bun, or indulge in a hot dog or salad bowl.

For more information, see its website here.

2. Veganic


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Dziś zapraszamy na podróż do Włoch ???? ✈️ Prosimy o zapięcie pasów i uważne zapoznanie się z poniższym menu: ? Przystanek I: spaghetti gryczane z awokado ? i pesto bazyliowym, rukolą, prażonymi orzechami i wegańskim parmezanem ? ?? Przystanek II: gnocchi w wegańskim sosie serowym z papryką, rukolą i wegańskim parmezanem ?? ? Gotowy? Zbiórka jak zawsze w Veganic ? — #Veganic #ThinkGreen #ZieloneŚwiatłoDlaZdrowia #DolneMłyny #DolnychMłynów #vege #vegetarian #vegetarianfood #vegetables #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #healthylifestyle #healthylife #healthydinner #vegan #veganfood #veganrecipes #foodie #glutenfree #veggie #veggies #sun #sunnyday #sunny #lovefood #foodphotography #foodies #foodpassion #instafood

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Veganic offers a natural, healthy meat-free menu with plenty of vegan options; its menu is vegetable-centric, focusing on “intense and original flavors from plant products.” Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, cocktails, and more, Veganic is the perfect spot for any time of the day. For the quality of food (try the Gnocchi with Vegan Cheese Sauce or the Marinated Tofu Burger) it’s also priced very reasonably.

See the Veganic website here.

3. Pod Norenami

Founded in 2013, popular Pod Norenami offers vegan and vegetarian Far Eastern cuisine. From sushi to samosas, the menu has vegan versions of all your favorite Asian dishes.
Located in Krupnicza (nicknamed “Vegetown”), Pod Norenami is surrounded by a number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, as well as museums, and theatres. “At Pod Norenami, we do not settle for mediocrity,” the website notes. “We use the traditional recipes and practices of Asian cuisine, and hold strictly to the principles of vegetarianism.”

To find out more, see here.

4. Vegab

Got a packed day of site seeing and not much time to stop for lunch? Then Vegab is your place. Located a short walk from the old town and main square, Vegab offers a selection of plant-based kebabs, served quickly and full of tasty ingredients, such as tofu, marinated pineapple, sun-dried tomatoes, and tzatziki with olives. The eatery has also been awarded a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

See more information on Happy Cow, here.

5. Pizza Loft

Sometimes when you’re traveling, you just want a taste of something familiar. And with its huge selection of plant-based pizzas topped with vegan meats and cheeses, Pizza Loft offers all the comforts of home. You could even opt for a takeaway to sit and enjoy in the comfort of your accommodation, or even in the main square, looking up at the Rennaisance-style Cloth Hall.

For more information on the menu, see here.

6. Bhajan Cafe


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?Wyruszcie w kulinarną podróż z Bhajan Cafe.? Dania z naszego menu pomogą Wam przenieść się na chwilę do Indii. Zasmakujcie w oryginalnych smakach i aromatach przypraw. Dajcie zaskoczyć się różnorodnością wegańskich i wegetariańskich dań. ????️ ?Zapraszamy serdecznie na dania z pieca tanduri, raity, warzywne dale, sałatki, indyjskie placki i różne odsłony sera panir.??? Szczypta orientalnej egzotyki w sercu Krakowa.?#happiness #glutenfree #foodmadewithlove #vegetarian #vegekrakow #indianfoodkrakow #krakow #jedzenie #jedzeniewkrakowie #veganfood #cracow #krakowfood #vegan #weganizm #wegańskie #pyszne #smaczne #zdrowejedzenie #wege #veggie #vegge #restaurant #picoftheday #delicious #veganlife

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Stop at the Bhajan Cafe for a taste of authentic meat-free Indian cuisine. The popular eatery offers plenty of vegan options, as well as yoga and meditation events. According to one Happy Cow user, the decor is creative, the atmosphere is mellow, and the food is delicious.

To find out more, see here.

7. Free Farma Burgerownia Roslinna

Serving burgers, soy-dogs, smoothies, cocktails, salads, juices, wraps, and more, Free Farma is a small vegan paradise. Opt to sit in, or wrap it up and save it for later as you take in the sights and sounds of the medieval city.