Kroger Just Launched Its Own-Brand Vegan Cookie Dough and Oat Milk

Kroger Just Launched Its Own-Brand Egg-Free Cookie Dough

You can now get vegan cookie dough and soon, oat milk at Kroger.

The leading U.S. supermarket chain previously highlighted adding vegan options to its private label line Simple Truth as key area of product development. Ann Beaty, director of Kroger Merchandising Consulting, told Food Business News that the range is “massive” for Kroger.

“This is not limited to just the vegetarian section or the meatless section. We’re seeing it pop up in almost every department in the store, and what we’re putting out on the shelves people are definitely responding to,” she continued. “Customers are very engaged with the products, they’re trying them, they’re excited to try them, and they’re coming back and purchasing them again.”

Along with vegan cookie dough and oat milk, Kroger is adding ready-made organic plant-based soups to its Simple Truth line, including Cream Lentil, Lentil Vegetable, Spicy Black Bean, and Tomato & Sweet Basil. All of the new products are free from 101 artificial ingredients and preservatives.

The Rise of the Plant-Based Food Market

Kroger has identified private label vegan options as a lucrative opportunity. | Kroger

Michele Simon, founder and executive director of the Plant Based Foods Association, a nonprofit that advocates for the advancement of vegan food told Food Business News that no other supermarket category is growing at this rate: “Plant-based foods aren’t new, but what’s happening now is it’s gone from being a niche industry targeting mostly vegetarians and vegans, who are still an important part of the market segment, but now it’s grown into a mainstream industry that is targeting everyone.”

According to Nielsen data, retail sales of plant-based food grew 20 percent year over year to $3.3 billion in 2018, while retail sales of all food grew 2 percent With plant-based foods increasing in popularity, the Specialty Food Association suggests that this will continue as more companies launch their own vegan alternatives.

Kroger, which is the second-largest supermarket company in the world by revenue, has also emphasised their social responsibility through the “Zero Hunger Zero Waste” commitment. Kroger is working to both end hunger and food waste by 2025 and to minimise environmental impact by reducing waste products and packaging.

Kroger’s vegan cookie dough is available in stores nationwide. Its oat milk launches on August 25 and the ready-made soups roll out on September 1.