‘Spooky AF’ Glittery Vegan Halloween Pizza Arrives at Dagwoods in Santa Monica

‘Spooky AF’ Glittery Vegan Halloween Pizza Arrives at Dagwoods in Santa Monica

Los Angeles pizza shop Dagwoods has created a glittery veganizable Halloween-themed special pie named “Spooky AF.”

Described as a “super spooky edible glitter snack-o-lantern pizza,” Spooky AF – which features a sparkly jack-o-lantern face – can be topped with vegan Daiya cheese, vegan pizza sauce, and a variety of veggies, or as Dagwoods calls them, “freshies.”

With the option to add Daiya dairy-free cheese and vegan pizza sauce to any pie, all veggie pizzas are offered vegan-friendly at Santa Monica-based Dagwoods. Whilst Spooky AF is a Halloween-themed limited edition offering, for a taste of glitter, the “Magical AF” pizza made with sparkly “unicorn puke” is available year-round.

It’s not all about the vegan glitter at Dagwoods though, the restaurant also takes giving back to the community seriously. Every pizza, sparkly or not, is made fresh, with no sliced pie sitting for longer than an hour, after which a new one is made. However, to prevent waste Dagwoods donates all leftover food to homeless charity, The People Concern.

According to the restaurant, “Dagwoods is your local Santa Monica pizza shop with a simple mission: provide you with the best food, at a great price, with exceptional customer service, while making a positive difference in our community.”

A Spooky Vegan Halloween

Eating the sparkly Spooky AF pizza is just one option for those looking to celebrate a vegan-friendly Halloween. Although it’s not edible, beauty brand Lush Cosmetics has launched a cruelty-free Halloween festive collection. The new range features eyeball bath bombs, pumpkin bubble bars, and ghoulish glow-in-the-dark soap, according to Lush, “This glowing spectre-cle will shine in the darkness when you’re scared to look under your bed.”

For those looking to dress up, cruelty-free cosmetic brand Kat Von D Beauty has Halloween vegan makeup inspiration videos on its YouTube channel. The videos cover a number of different looks, including the skeleton, the queen of hearts, and mother nature.

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