LA’s LACMA Museum Adds Beyond Burger to New Vegan Menu

LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has introduced new vegan options to its menu, including a Cali Burger complete with plant-based meat by Beyond Meat.

“[LACMA] is proud to announce the implementation of robust sustainability, food transparency, and ethical sourcing practices,” says a press release. The move toward a more eco-friendly museum follows after the Urban Light sculpture’s light fixtures were replaced with more energy-efficient light bulbs. “As an extension of Executive Chef Fernando Darin’s passion for animal and environmental welfare and in an effort to become one of the nation’s most sustainable, eco-friendly restaurant and cultural campuses, Ray’s & Stark Bar and LACMA reconfirm their commitment to bettering the planet for generations to come.”

“We are extremely selective in sourcing our ingredients from producers that align with 0ur ethos and ethical practices, both on a sustainable and humane level. Our network is built on personal relationships with many small producers [and] organic farmers… but I wanted to go beyond that,” explains Darin.

In another effort to better the health of the planet, Ray’s and Stark Bar recently introduced an organic composting program to reduce and recycle unavoidable food waste. The nutrient-rich soil created from the composting effort is redistributed back into the restaurant’s on-site garden so as to prevent food waste from entering landfills and reduce the amount of methane emitted into the atmosphere. The garden produces plants for many of Darin’s art-flair dishes and vegan meals – its offerings include arugula, mustard greens, sorrel, cilantro and edible flowers.

Vegan Beyond Meat burgers are popping up in many locations across the U.S. Santana’s Vegan Grill, a fast-food drive-thru now offers the Beyond Burger, and 43 Luna Grill locations also stock the meat. Customers at Bareburger¬†locations nationwide, 500 TGI Fridays locations, among dozens of other establishments can expect to see the burger served.

The company’s founder and CEO, Ethan Brown told Forbes in an interview last month that its popular vegan Beyond Burger outsold beef counterparts at a major southern California supermarket for the duration of a five-week period. It also announced earlier this month that it is to launch vegan breakfast sausages after seeing wild success with its premier products the beef-style patty and sausage links.

Image Credit: Beyond Meat