Leading Vegan Lifestyle Experts to Host Free Summit on Benefits of Plant-Based Diet

Free Online Summit to Address How a Plant-Based Diet Can be the Key to HealthFree Online Summit to Address How a Plant-Based Diet Can be the Key to Health

The Food Revolution Summit, a free online seminar, is set to take place later this month. The event will be hosted by author John Robbins and cover topics ranging from plant-based nutrition, healthy vegan weight loss, and chronic disease prevention.

The 2018 Food Revolution Summit will kick off its seventh annual event on April 28, concluding on May 6. The summit was co-founded by father-son duo, John and Ocean Robbins. John is the founder of the Food Revolution Network and author of “Diet for a New America”Ocean is the author of “Voices of the Food Revolution.” The two launched the summit to provide participants with “insights and information from the world’s top food experts.”

“For the first time in U.S. history, we are spending three-quarters of our healthcare dollars on managing chronic disease, instead of preventing it,” the website reads. “To make matters worse, your average doctor is barely educated on the connection between food and health.”

John will conduct 24 in-depth interviews with vegan experts, such as Dr. Neal Barnard of PCRM (The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine). The interviews will address a wide variety of topics, including how a plant-based diet can reduce the risk for chronic disease, the nutrition benefits of a plant-based diet, the myth of “humanely raised” animal products, how to lose weight without restricting your diet, and how to positively influence the diet of loved ones.

“I’ve hand-selected every expert we’ve invited to be a part of this Summit,” said John. “I’ve read their books and articles, dug deeply into their research, and crafted the exact questions I want to ask to get to the heart of their specific expertise.”

The interviews will be broadcast for free throughout the summit, but viewers must sign up to gain access. According to the website, recordings, transcripts, and other resources will be available to those who cannot watch the live broadcast “as part of an optional upgrade package.”

The free 2018 Food Revolution Summit comes at a time when more Americans than ever are turning to plant-based food for its health benefits. A recent study showed that a whole food plant-based diet may prevent chronic disease in the elderly. Further, another study linked meat consumption to the spike in heart disease among the young, and some researchers believe that protein from plants may reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as 23  percent.