Leonardo DiCaprio Urges 35 Million to Join the Climate Strike

Leonardo DiCaprio Urges 35 Million to Join the Climate Strike

Leonardo DiCaprio wants his fans to join the Climate Strike.

The Academy Award-winning actor and environmentalist shared an Instagram post from the Natural Resource Defence Council (NRDC), a New York City-based environmental advocacy group.

“On Friday, September 20, NRDC is following the lead of young climate leaders like @GretaThunberg and others, and striking for #climateaction,” the post reads.

Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in the U.S. late last month with a full agenda. She has already spoken before Congress, telling lawmakers that they are not doing enough for the planet. She participated in the Climate Strike that took place in New York City on Friday.

“Around the world, climate activists will be taking to the streets, calling on governments to tackle the crisis with the urgency it deserves—because future generations depend on it,” the post continues.

According to estimates, 250,000 attended the strike. The city announced that its 1.1 million public school students were allowed to skip school to attend the protest without penalization.


“Just days before the U.N. Climate Summit in New York, the strike will kick off a week of action and send a clear message to decision-makers that there is no more time to deliberate,” the post states. Thunberg is expected to speak at the upcoming event.

DiCaprio’s Environmental Activism

DiCaprio is a longtime environmental advocate. He launched the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998 shortly after starring in James Cameron’s historical fiction epic, “Titanic.” The organization is centered around climate change, wildlife conservation, and Indigenous peoples’ rights.

Last July, he co-founded the Earth Alliance with Laurene Powell Jobs, and Brian Sheth. Its emergency Amazon Forest Fund aids local groups and Indigenous communities fighting for the rainforest. No stranger to urging others to take action, DiCaprio told his 35 million Instagram followers to ditch beef last month.

Finding a Local Climate Strike

Climate strikes will take place in 150 countries until September 27. The post concludes with advice on finding a Climate Strike in one’s local city: “Join the fight for a livable planet and #strikewithus! Visit the link in their profile to find a march in your city, or text CLIMATE STRIKE to 21333!”