Liam Hemsworth Rocks Eco-Friendly, Vegan Menswear

Liam Hemsworth at an event

Actor Liam Hemsworth can pull off any look, as PETA officially crowned him Australia’s sexiest male vegan last year. And he proved it on social media this week sporting a stylish new vegan coat from Vaute Couture.

Vaute Couture, posted a Facebook picture of Liam Hemsworth wearing one of the company’s cruelty-free, faux-fur jackets. Vaute wrote “SWOON! Our #vegan #sweatshopfree Mark Mountain Coat on Liam Hemsworth- showing the world no animals need to be harmed to keep you warm, fed, or like really really handsome. ? ?” The jacket is currently discounted for a New Year sale.

Hemsworth is believed to be engaged to long-time girlfriend, fellow vegan and pig enthusiast Miley Cyrus. The couple recently celebrated Hemsworth’s 28th birthday.

Liam isn’t the only big-name conscious consumer. Just last month, a huge new advertisement featuring Academy Award nominee, Joaquin Phoenix, wearing a Brave Gentleman vegan wool suit for a PETA campaign encouraged people to choose garments made of plant-based fabrics over animal products.

For those who want to take a note from Liam’s style guide, opting for an animal and environment-friendly wardrobe – other cruelty-free brands include VEGEA for sustainable, vegan clothing made from wine, Stay Vocal for recycled garments, Alternative Outfitters, Bleed Clothing, and Hoodlamb for garments made from hemp. For more on everything vegan menswear related, The Discerning Brute is an informative blog.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons | Vaute