Show Your Love! 10 of The Best Vegan Condom Brands

Sex is like sauce, it compliments other things but isn’t always good on it’s own. Also, once you squeeze the sauce out of the bottle and cover your fries with it, you can’t just wipe it off the fries and put it back in (the fries will be soggy and stained!); once you take part in sex or sexual activity, you can’t undo what you have done. (You can re-do though!)

Get our drift? No matter what your orientation, sex and sexual activities should be a way to display affection and love for another and compliments a healthy consensual relationship.

Good news! Consenting adult vegans don’t have to miss out on any protected bedroom fun; after all, vegans are even said to have better sex! (Increased blood flow and energy, higher libido etc., vegans can even have better tasting and smelling body odour!)

The answer to better sex that is more intense, rewarding and lasts longer could lie within a plant-based diet; So choose veg over Viagra for higher serotonin levels and honest erections.

Trying to conceive? Plant-based proteins have a positive impact on fertility as opposed to animal-based proteins. However, you may not be aware but many birth control methods aren’t vegan! Condoms commonly contain casein (a protein from milk) so that they are smooth or can even contain lamb intestines…talk about turn on!

Furthermore, birth control pills often have lactose as a filler and are chock full of animal hormones.

Now, I’m not promoting or advocating or any one type of contraception or saying you must use a certain type; everyone is an individual so different things will work for different people or different situations, “you do you, boo!”.

However, not every vegan is able to use or wants to use contraception such as a copper IUD, the ‘calendar method’ can’t always guarantee to be a safe and effective method at birth control either. (No shade! It works for some but isn’t recommended or reliable.) And while abstinence is certainly effective, there are more fun ways to express your love and products which can help prevent you from conceiving… Sometimes, condoms and lubricants are here to save the day (or night)!

Below, we have compiled a list of 10 vegan-friendly condom and lubricant brands so that you can have all the fun without fuss and get it on without getting your carbon footprint in the way!

The Little Black Book of Vegan Sex