LIVEKINDLY Launches Chef Matthew Kenney Endorsed Vegan Meal Planner

LIVEKINDLY Launches Chef Matthew Kenney Endorsed Vegan Meal Planner

LIVEKINDLY is humbled to announce the launch of a new platform to make your meal planning, grocery shopping, and eating better in a cinch.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can make sticking to healthy eating goals tough. Maybe plans to cook a plant-based dinner got thwarted by staying an extra hour or two at work. Maybe there’s only time to squeeze in a quick gym session over deciding on what to eat. Or, maybe figuring out an entire week’s worth of meals is just way too stressful – it happens, and it’s totally understandable.

LIVEKINDLY’s new vegan meal planner program delivers you personalized chef-developed recipes and shopping lists. Plus, you have access to nutrition experts and food coaches for all your dietary and recipe questions.

With three different options for meal plans, the program makes answering the question of “what am I going to eat this week?” easier than ever.

“It’s always been one of our goals to help our readers enjoy more vegan food,” says LIVEKINDLY founder and CEO, Jodi Monelle“One of the most frequent comments I notice from our readers is that they want to cook vegan food at home, but they don’t know where to start or they have trouble finding the time to cook. This meal planner will make it easy for anyone to balance life and make healthy food.”

“We’re very fortunate to have an innovative, passionate team who channel their creativity into crafting food that is not only beautiful and delicious but nourishing for our bodies and the planet as well,” says vegan chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney, whose recipes are featured in the planner.

“Our work is meant to be shared, and the more people we can reach through our love of plant-based food, the greater our alignment will be in advocating a sustainable, cruelty-free future,” chef Kenney adds.

The three different meal plans can be further customized to your cooking skill (so beginner cooks don’t have to worry about being asked to assemble a show-stopping raw lasagna), allergies, time available to cook, how many people are eating, and even food preferences. Don’t like tofu? Just tap a button and enjoy delicious, vegan, tofu-less dinners.

“Learning how to cook a new way can be intimidating,” says Monelle. “But it’s so much easier when you have support.”

Subscribers to the LIVEKINDLY meal planner not only gain access to recipes and grocery lists that make shopping easier, but they also receive guidance from expert food coaches, ready to address any food-related questions.

1. Vegan Academy

Vegan Academy provides delicious, nourishing, yet simple recipes for the new vegan or anyone who likes to take it easy. You will find plant-based versions of familiar recipes designed to appeal to all palates.

2. The Live & Let Live

The Live & Let Live brings whole foods, plant-based recipes for a kind mind, body, and soul. All recipes in this plan keep refined foods, oils, and sugars to a minimum an emphasize wholesome, nutritious meals that help you feel you best.

3. Cooking for 1 (or 10!)

When it comes to cooking, most recipes yield four, sometimes six servings. If you’re cooking for just one or two people, this can mean having a fridge or freezer full of dreaded leftovers. It’s great for batch cooking and those who never get tired of eating the same thing, but some say that variety is the spice of life. These recipes are all simple,  yet wholesome – perfect for small, busy households.

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Matthew Kenney Image By Adrian Mueller – Commissioned Photographer, CC BY 4.0