LIVEKINDLY Launches New Vegan International Video and Animation Series on YouTube

LIVEKINDLY Launches New Vegan International Video and Animation Series on YouTube

On the heels of recent funding, LIVEKINDLY is expanding its video content across all platforms to reach the growing market demand for positive digital media.

“From day one LIVEKINDLY has been focused on creating amazing video content that reaches millions of viewers a month,” says LIVEKINDLY founder and CEO Jodi Monelle. “To take things to this next level is really meaningful for all of us here and for our viewers who continue to like, share, and engage with our content daily.

In a partnership with Berlin-based Vexquisit Studio, LIVEKINDLY has begun releasing animated videos that bridge statistics and artistry in helping viewers better understand the impact their dietary and lifestyle choices have on their health, the planet, and billions of animals.

“One of the main reasons why I am happy to partner with LIVEKINDLY is because we get to collaborate with what we can do best,” says Roxy Velez, Vexquisit co-founder. “There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that the videos we create together will inspire and reach more people for a positive change.”

The video content is also part of LIVEKINDLY’s expanding sales platform and brand services.

“We can provide all type of creative solutions for high-end design-driven videos that involve animation and live action,” says Velez. “These pieces of content can have different purposes — from commercials to infographics, from explainer videos to VR and interactive videos. We pay a high level of attention to how we are communicating a brand’s message and make sure that it is effective.”

LIVEKINDLY has also begun working with Vancouver-based Citrus Pie Media Group, an award-winning video production house with over 600 clients and a global network of professional videographers. Citrus Pie has started producing high-end video profiles for LIVEKINDLY, such as the recent profile on Vancouver’s Virtuous Pie pizza shop.

In-house video editor Laura Bossy (yes, that’s her real last name!) is producing daily video content for LIVEKINDLY’s Facebook and YouTube pages. She will also be launching weekly news roundups featuring the top news stories of the week.

“With LIVEKINDLY’s fast-growing video department, I hope to see more positive stories spread through our engaging content,” says Bossy. “There are many great stories to tell, vegan products, vegan life tips, and celebrities having life-changing experiences that matter to our viewers. Video is the perfect medium for sharing that.”

Viewers can also catch LIVEKINDLY videos on the platform’s Instagram feed and IGTV. As well, members of the new CLUBKINDLY platform will have access to exclusive video content such as interviews and “Ask Me Anything” sessions with celebrities, experts, and athletes.

You can check out LIVEKINDLY’s video content on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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