LIVEKINDLY Releases Limited-Edition Line of Vegan Eco-Friendly Apparel

Today, LIVEKINDLY is launching our online shop. After three years of working to bring you the latest news and stories to help you live a kinder life, we’re thrilled to now offer our first apparel range created to do the same.

Available in a first-edition six-design limited run, our new ethically-made and environmentally-friendly t-shirts and tote bags were all created by our design team to celebrate your LIVEKINDLY lifestyle.

LIVEKINDLY Releases Limited-Edition Line of Vegan Eco-Friendly Apparel
Are you an anti dairy queen?

Kind Designs

With unique hand-drawn artwork, each gender-free piece has been created with positive messaging at its heart. “I wanted to create a line of designs that convey the vegan message in a positive way, and hopefully speak to a wide audience,” said LIVEKINDLY Senior Illustrator Robin Pieterse.

In this first edition, you can choose from six different t-shirt or tote bag designs, featuring slogans like “On Mondays, We Eat Plants,” and “Greetings from Vegan Paradise.”

For the “Mother Earth Says: Go Vegan” design, Pieterse says she put a vegan twist on the classic Mother Earth Tarot Card. “If humankind would pull a Tarot card this would be it,” she says. “Mother Earth is telling us loud and clear what we should do and it’s time we listen!”

The “Oat Milk or Death” design is a very personal one, Pieterse says. “I literally can not have a good day without my favorite oat-milk latte in the morning, and it’s going to be even better while wearing this shirt!”

“Greetings From Vegan Paradise,” has never felt more appropriate. With the world in lockdown, this is a fun twist on the vintage American postcard, with a little “vegan utopia” hidden in the letters. And it’s maybe also a bit of a subtle reminder that paradise really is a state of mind. 

“There are some fun corny illustrations in there, including a wolf cuddling a sheep,” says Pieterse. “I know that would probably never happen in real life but a girl can dream right?”

LIVEKINDLY Releases Limited-Edition Line of Vegan Eco-Friendly Apparel
Mother Earth says going vegan is in the cards.

 Check out all of the designs here

With LIVEKINDLY Apparel, wearing is caring, says LIVEKINDLY CEO and Founder Jodi Monelle.

“We are so excited to bring you this new venture. It’s a natural extension of our brand. I’m constantly asked by our community when we’ll launch shirts. Well, today is that day!” Monelle said. “LIVEKINDLY is more than just a website, it’s a lifestyle and a movement, and our new range of apparel celebrates that.”

She added: “There is so much going on in the world, from the climate crisis to the pandemic. We want to lift your spirits and help you smile by bringing a little of the LIVEKINDLY spirit to your wardrobe.”

LIVEKINDLY Releases Limited-Edition Line of Vegan Eco-Friendly Apparel
Greetings from Vegan Paradise.

Sustainable Materials  

At LIVEKINDLY, taking care of the planet and those we share it with is our top priority. We want to steer clear of the fast fashion model and reduce waste, which is why we are limiting production of our new designs. We’ve chosen ethical and eco-friendly suppliers for our materials; American Apparel supplies the t-shirts, which are made with sustainable cotton mostly sourced in the U.S., and Barrel Maker Printing supplies the vegan, water-based ink.

Noissue is providing the sustainable materials for our hassle-free shipping. Each of the designs will arrive at your door in a compostable mailing bag.

Our first run is only available in limited quantities, so buy now

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