Chef Day Radley Launches ‘The Vegan Chef Institute’ Cooking Course In London

Chef Day Radley Launches 'The Vegan Chef Institute' Cooking Course In London

Professional chef and food writer Day Radley has co-founded a new plant-based cookery course programme “The Vegan Chef Institute” in London. Together with holistic health coach and nutritional advisor Chantal di Donato, Radley has launched the new initiative in a bid to move sustainability, veganism, and compassionate cooking forwards.

At the beginning of November, the new institute will kick off with the first “Fast Track Vegan Chef” vocational course. By teaching customers a variety of skills – including how to scale and adapt recipes, how to use specialist ingredients, and how to order from suppliers –  the 12-week course will help customers gain their first job as a professional vegan chef.

Its website notes, “In just 12 weeks, you will experience a rapid evolution; you’ll go from keen home cook to knowledgeable, skilled, creative chef, ready to take your first step on the cooking career ladder.” 


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Good #veganfood is about bringing people together: towards one another, towards animals and nature. Our ethos is unity! Our chefs will graduate with a sense of higher purpose and with the skills to make ” kick ass” #vegan food! One of the divine gifts @veganchefday was given, is the ability to make a simple vegetable really sexy! When it comes to food innovation we will give our chefs tools to use simple ingredients to make amazing food. That means you can make gorgeous food affordable as well as delicious and worthy of a fabulous kitchen!!! The future is #vegan Want to join us? Applications open on November 1st – #worldveganday on our site (in link) and we begin in January! Yay So excited for the new generation of #veganchefs ?@veganchefday ( her smoky #cauliflower) yumm

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Additional sessions with professional chefs, restaurateurs, caterers, and food business leaders will also be offered, as well as one to one mentorship, and classes on health and wellbeing.

Both Radley and di Donato have endured difficult relationships with food, with di Donato, a former Anorexia sufferer, citing veganism as a fundamental part of her healing process. In fact, it was a lecture by Dr. Neal Barnard, a keen advocate for plant-based living and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, that convinced her to give the diet ago.

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According to Barnard, a number of life-threatening diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, can be prevented through following a plant-based diet. Di Donato has adopted this philosophy, the website notes, as she believes that “medicine is on our plates.”

Radley also notes that discovering the nutritional benefits of animal-free food helped her to become passionate about cooking and heal her bad eating habits. “Discovering how to feed myself properly was something I wanted to give to other people,” she said.

The Vegan Chef Institute will launch on November 1. For more information about the “Fast Track Vegan Chef” course, please see the website here.

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