London’s Dirty Bones Cocktail Bars Debut Vegan Mac Daddy B12 Burgers

The Moving Mountains B12 Burger, a vegan burger patty said to be the UK equivalent of the Beyond Burger, will soon be served at the popular London cocktail bar and restaurant chain, Dirty Bones. The burger will become part of the restaurant’s permanent menu, served in a dish called The Vegan Mac Daddy.

Dirty Bones is well known for its “New York-inspired” comfort food, offering short ribs, chicken and waffles, and even cheeseburger dumplings. However, the kitchen has ventured into vegan cuisine. A few regular menu items are vegan-friendly, and the Shoreditch location currently hosts a weekly pop-up dinner, called Dirty Vegan, which features plant-based versions of select best-selling menu items. The culinary team is knowledgeable about plant-based cuisine, which makes Dirty Bones the perfect partner for the B12 Burger.

Beginning on June 1, the B12 Burger will be available in all five Dirty Bones locations. The restaurant has created a special menu item to celebrate the premiere – a veganized version of the restaurant’s infamous Mac Daddy. The Vegan Mac Daddy will feature vegan mac and cashew cheese piled high atop a B12 Burger, slathered with espresso-spiked barbecue sauce, topped with mushrooms, all sandwiched between two soft hamburger buns. If that description weren’t enough to entice orders, Dirty Bones is offering a 50% off discount on the first day of the launch.

Beyond Dirty Bones, the B12 Burger can be found at Lucky Beach Cafe and Temple Bar in Brighton, beginning May 25. These two sister establishments also serve meat, making the B12 Burger a welcome addition to its veg-curious and plant-based patrons. Like the Beyond Burger, the B12 Burger is unlike the typical restaurant-style veggie burger. The ingredients were specifically chosen to recreate the exact taste, look, smell, and feel of a beef patty. Moving Mountains explains on its website, “We decided on mushroom for the juiciness, and the mouth-watering fibrous texture and appearance, soy & wheat for binding of the ingredients (which by the way also gives a wonderful browning when the burger is cooked), beetroot juice for the right hint of sweetness and blood-like appearance, and coconut oil for that little bit of greasiness that burger lovers crave.” Further, each patty is fortified with 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin B12.

Moving Mountains is working to expand its partnerships with UK restaurants. For updates, follow them on Instagram or view the company’s Locations page.

Image Credit: Moving Mountains