London’s First Vegan Zero-Waste Market Launches in Kensington

London’s first vegan zero-waste market Zero Mkt London is due to take place this September in the Millenium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington.

All proceedings from the animal product and single-use plastic-free event will be donated to animal advocacy organization Animal Equality. Additionally, any food leftovers will be given to City Harvest, an organization that provides food to the city’s homeless population.

Food, drink, sustainable clothing, and eco-friendly lifestyle items will all be available for customers from a variety of vendors. The event organizers are aware that some stallholders will have to drive to the location, so trees will be planted to offset the carbon footprint.  “[Zero Mkt London is a] celebration where together we can bask in plant-based goodness, explore sustainable products, and begin to live more consciously,” founders Abigail Penny and James Morgan said in a statement. “As consumers, we can choose to have a positive impact on this world.”

“We’re on a journey of discovery ourselves and want to share our experience with others,” they continued. “Animal agriculture, non-recyclable plastics, and throwaway fashion each have devasting impacts on our environment, so we hope that by bringing exciting alternatives to our community we can empower and equip others to change their habits and perspectives too!”

Plant-based living is booming in London, and as a consequence, vegan markets are in abundance. A new all-day event hosted by Bright Zine took place on the city’s infamous Leake Street in June and was the first vegan market in Waterloo. Further, Soho’s first weekly vegan market began back in April, bringing together a variety of different street foods for guests. “This is the year of veganism!” Said Joe Coulter, the founder of the Soho event.

It’s not just markets catering to London’s ever-growing ethical population, either. Permanent plant-based restaurants have been popping up across the city, with even some well-established pubs choosing to ditch the meat and opt for a fully vegan menu. Further, in August, London will host its first-ever completely vegan and cruelty-free fashion show. Organised by Vegan Food and Living, Bare Fashion will showcase clothing lines and beauty products from a variety of ethical designers and manufacturers.

Tickets to Zero Mkt London cost £3.73 and are available from Eventbrite.