L’Oreal is Battling Cancer With Vegan Beauty Products

L’Oreal is Battling Cancer With Vegan Products

The L’Oréal Group and its brands have committed to fighting cancer and supporting the people who are living with it. Among its efforts is the Pureology team, which was founded, in part, in support of cancer survivors.

The brand was founded by acclaimed stylist Jim Markham in 2001. The inspiration for the brand came from a friend of his who was suffering from ovarian cancer and couldn’t find any appropriate shampoo for her hair. With everything that people fighting and surviving cancer have to deal with, Markham decided the least of their worries should be shampoos that are full of chemicals and harsh ingredients. This is where Pureology came in.

The brand developed a line of vegan products that are also sulfate-free and full of natural ingredients. Pureology makes everything from shampoos, to conditioners, leave-in treatments, masks, sprays, serums, primers, pastes, gel, and mousse.

L’Oreal is Battling Cancer With Vegan Products

Pureology is a proud supporter of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC), which works on behalf of ovarian cancer survivors by working to both prevent and treat ovarian cancer. The L’Oréal-owned brand donated $100,000 to the NOCC and continues to support their initiatives through online awareness campaigns.

The brand also worked on a campaign to help fund research in the United Kingdom in a collaboration with the Ovarian Cancer Action charity. In March 2018, Pureology UK is set to donate £1 to the charity for every single Hydrate shampoo and conditioner pack sold. The Pureology team, on the ground level, is working simultaneously to raise £20,000 to support the cause.

Through its Beauty For a Better Life program, L’Oréal works to help people suffering from cancer get to enjoy the world of beauty, makeup, and well-being to keep their spirits high. The beauty giant provides professional services like massages, make-up sessions, and care for the face, hands, and feet at hospitals, and other treatment facilities.

It’s worth noting that Pureology as with all L’Oréal-owned brands do not test their products on animals, with the exception being China where animal testing is required by law. Many beauty brands like Kat Von D Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, and Colourpop, and refuse to sell in China for this reason.