Lotus Just Launched Vegan Cream Biscoff Sandwich Cookies

Lotus Just Launched Vegan Creme Biscoff Sandwich Cookies

Belgian biscuit brand Lotus Biscoff just launched new dairy-free cream-filled sandwich cookies. 

Snack review blog Snacking in Saudi announced Biscoff’s newest vegan product on its Instagram page.

Prepare to lose your minds! Lotus Bakeries in Belgium is launching a new sandwich cookie range that will be available in three cream flavors: Biscoff Cream; Milk Chocolate flavor; and Vanilla flavor,” it captioned alongside photos of the three new cookie flavors.

Snacking in Saudi added: “These have launched in Belgium and will launch in France and the UK next week, and should finally arrive in the GCC by the end of the year!

Lotus Just Launched Vegan Creme Biscoff Sandwich Cookies
Lotus just launched new, vegan cream-filled cookies.

Vegan Desserts

As the global demand for vegan and plant-based food increases, companies are launching a wide range of vegan products to meet consumers’ needs—the vegan dessert category included.

Lotus Biscoff’s crunchy, cream-filled cookies aren’t the only vegan cookies on the market. Despite their creamy filling, Oreos are also dairy-free and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Nabisco’s Nutter Butter peanut butter cookies are also vegan.

Countless dessert chains are upping their vegan sweet treat game up, too. A number of popular ice cream stores now offer dairy-free ice cream flavors.

Baskin Robbins, one of the world’s largest ice cream chains, launched its very first vegan ice cream flavors last year: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Extreme. Other ice cream brands like Häagen-Dazs and Breyers also now offer vegan options.

IKEA Has Vegan Desserts Now and You Won’t Ever Want to Leave
IKEA’s vegan banana blackcurrant cake. | @vegansofzuri

Major Retailers Get Vegan Dessert Options

Even IKEA has stepped up its vegan dessert game. Last year, its Switzerland and Sweden stores began offering dairy-free mousse, vegan cake, and much more. In April 2018, the furniture giant launched a dairy-free, fruit-based strawberry soft serve at Bistro locations across Europe.

Last year, British supermarket giant Premier Foods, the parent company to Mr. Kipling, announced its plans of launching a vegan dessert range, dubbed ‘Plantastic.’

Premier Foods said in a statement: “Under this exciting new brand, the Group will launch a cross-category range of products using plant-based ingredients, targeting the growing trend of consumers looking for plant-based and vegan products.”