Target Launches New Range of 38 Cruelty-Free Home-Cleaning Products

U.S. retail giant Target is adding a new range of vegan, cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly cleaning products to its shelves named Love Home and Planet.

Inspired by the success of eco-friendly beauty range Love Beauty and Planet, the new brand, created by Unilever, was designed with sustainability and a love for the planet in mind.

Like the beauty brand, the cleaning range – consisting of 38 fabric, dish, and surface products and designed with scents such as Citrus & Yuzu, Vetiver & Tea Tree Oil, and Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower – is aimed at the Millennial market.

More than ever, younger generations are concerned about environmental and ethical issues. In the U.S., Millennial consumers are increasingly conscious of their diet, with 66 percent reducing their meat consumption, according to a recent study. They are also increasingly concerned about where their beauty products come from, as well as other consumer goods. In fact, a 2015 Nielson study revealed that 73 percent of Millennials from around the world are keen to pay more for their products if they are sustainable.

With this in mind, Unilever believes that a new planet-friendly cleaning range will perform well amongst young eco-conscious people.

“Love Home and Planet believes small acts of love for the planet can truly make a difference,” the brand notes in a press release. “Through conscious acts like products made with recycled plastics, a self-imposed carbon tax, and planet-friendly ingredients, the brand joins the Unilever Home Care portfolio to offer discerning millennial shoppers more when it comes to their home care.”

According to Unilever, this is the first time a home and cleaning brand has been inspired by the success of a beauty brand.

Love Beauty and Planet was launched at the end of 2017, by a team of “like-minded” people who believe that loving beauty products and the environment should not be mutually exclusive.

The company’s global brand manager Sonika Malhotra says on the Love Beauty and Planet website“We are the kind of people who stay back and clean up after a music concert because you can have fun, look beautiful and do good for the planet all at the same time. That’s the spirit of this brand.”

Love Home and Planet is now available online at Target and in select stores. In March, all Target stores will stock the product, as well as Walmart, and other currently unnamed retailers.

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