Lush Announces 16 New ‘Moody’ Vegan Bath Oils

Lush has announced it will release 17 new bath oils, 16 of which are vegan, and all of which are tailored to complement or calm specific moods.

Yes, these aren’t your average pop in the bath and be mesmerized while you watch the colors (and plastic-free glitter) swirl around, – once you smell them, who couldn’t be feeling all the vegan moods?

From new bath oils such as Revelations (intended to put a smile on your dial), Furze (this is almost too pretty to melt), Happy Thoughts (alike namesake, helps brighten your mood), Delight (this is infused with pine needles), Polyamorous (meant for sharing with your love), Double Vitality (smells like peppermint), Dreamtime (relaxing), Ginger (for those who like a ginger-kick), Cerdiwen’s Cauldron (hydrates the skin), Cloak of Invisibility (ultra-calming), and MMMelting Marshmallow Moment (to satiate sugar cravings with aroma) – you’ll hardly be lacking choice for a bath-time soak.

Oil on Troubled Water (helps to calm stress and doubts), Razzle Dazzle (energizing), Flower’s Barrow (anxiety-fighting), Magnificent (when you’re feeling confident AF), You’ve Been Mangoed (a bath oil in lieu of vacation), and Floating Island (brings an island to your tub) will also join Lush’s latest bath oil range.

Lush products are 100% cruelty-free, fully vegetarian and significantly vegan (vegan or vegetarian is clearly labeled on each product) –  the company uses honey products and lanolin (oil from sheep’s wool) in the vegetarian-only products. The announcement of these 17 bath oils follows Lush’s release of 100 new Christmas-themed vegan products and a $434,000 donation toward ending animal testing.


Image Credit: Lush