Lush Cosmetics Launches 40 Refillable Vegan Lipstick Shades

Lush Cosmetics Launches 40 Refillable Vegan Lipstick Shades

Cruelty-free beauty brand Lush is on a plastic-free kick. Following in the success of its Glow Sticks, a plastic-free and vegan highlighter launched last month, the brand has released a range of 40 package-free lipsticks. Bonus: they’re refillable.

According to Lush, the new “naked” vegan lipsticks are dipped in a peelable wax, protecting the shade from contaminants. It’s also designed to fit into a conventional lipstick tube, so old packaging can be upcycled rather than thrown away. The lipsticks also include cold-pressed broccoli seed oil from Poland, which hydrates lips.

“The new Lush Makeup collection is leading a cosmetics revolution. Taking innovation to the next level with groundbreaking product inventions and a new approach to packaging – Lush are pioneering new materials and methods to create compostable, recyclable or refillable packaging where we have to, and going naked where we don’t,” states the website.

The collection comes in a wide range of shades, with each colour group offering a variety of shades and undertones to complement every skin tone. Colours range from classic red to “greige” – a blend of grey and beige – and shades reminiscent of Pantone’s colour of the year, coral. Finishes include metallic, demi-matte, satin, and sheer.

The shimmery shades stray away from plastic glitter, instead relying in mica, a shiny mineral, to create sparkle. Each shade comes in two forms – the package-free “naked” or in PP (polypropylene) that can be recycled as part of Lush’s closed loop program.

Lush for the Planet

Lush is committed to not only ending cosmetic animal testing, but also reducing plastic pollution. In addition to its plastic-free vegan highlighters, over the summer the company launched a package-less vegan foundation in 40 shades.

Last June, the popular beauty brand opened its first “naked” store in Milan, where products are free from packaging in order to reduce and promote awareness of ocean pollution.

“We are proud and delighted to learn that Italian consumers are increasingly shunning the use of plastics, and we couldn’t be happier for being able to provide them with the products they need,” said Mark Constantine, co-founder of Lush.

Lush’s new vegan lipsticks are available online and at the Oxford Street and Birmingham stores.

Image Credit: Lush

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