Lush Cosmetics Launches World’s First Plastic-Free Vegan Highlighter

Cruelty-free beauty giant Lush Cosmetics has created the world’s first plastic-free vegan highlighter range, titled “Lush Glow Sticks.”

Inspired by Lush co-founder Mark Constantine’s adoration of nature, the highlighters come in ten shades, each celebrating a different coloured plumage of bird. These include the light lilac Rock Dove, peach Linnet, glittering gold Goldfinch, iridescent pink Ibis, and the holographic blue-green Peacock.

The highlighters also feature moisturising argan oil, harvested by a women’s co-operative in Morocco, and skin-softening organic virgin coconut oil from Nias, Indonesia. Supporting working women and children’s education, Lush is donating ten percent of profits to a nonprofit organisation that funds social amenities – like dentists and literacy classes – to those living on Nias island.

Practical as well as socially-responsible, the base of the highlighters are covered in vegan wax to keep consumers’ hands clean during application. To create the highlighter glitter, Lush also uses lab-made mica rather than plastic. Ideal for makeup, synthetic mica offers a more uniform finish and is free from sharp edges.

“Naked” Plastic-Free Cosmetics

Lush is known for its planet-first approach to beauty and has made sustained efforts to combat environmental issues, such as plastic pollution. In 2017, the chain partnered with The Ocean Legacy Foundation to help transform 27 tonnes of ocean plastic into recycled packaging.

Since then, the chain opened its inaugural “naked” shop in Milan and launched a worldwide campaign, which coincided with World Oceans Day (June 8), to raise awareness about the issues of marine pollution.

Using raw, sustainable materials sourced from low-income communities, Lush also launched 40 shades of packaging-free vegan foundation this summer. At the time, Co-founder and Product Inventor Rowena Bird explained, “Making foundation, a staple in many peoples daily routine, solid, is a major leap forward to reducing plastic packaging without compromising on quality or effect.”

You can purchase Lush’s naked Glow Sticks here.

Image credit: Lush Cosmetics

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