Lush Release 100 Vegan Products For Christmas

We can’t ignore it anymore, as I’m sure you’ve been told by at least 3 people in your life right now ‘Christmas is just around the corner’. But to ease any present purchasing panic you’re already feeling as we turn the bend into December, good old Lush are here with no less than 100 vegan friendly items to choose from for your loved ones (or for yourself, we know how these things go. No judgement).

Amongst others, the new festive options include a Twilight Sprinkle Jar (a glittery sprinkling powder for your skin infused with lavender), a Berry Berry Christmas naked shower gel (it looks just like a bar of soap in the shape of a bottle, but it’s actually super creamy and great for your skin) and a Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub (a tasty way of buffing your lips this winter).

The new Christmas gift selection is just another step in Lush’s vegan journey. Hilary Jones, the company’s ethics director, recently claimed that animal based ingredients are currently in the process of being removed from all of their products.

The company have been a leading the fight for animal rights for some time now, using their platform to stand up for a cruelty-free future whenever they can. Recently they teamed up with Humane Society International (HSI), to launch #WhatTheFur?!, a campaign that aims to raise awareness about the use of fur across high streets in Britain. They have also launched a 100% vegan bath bomb subscription box and donated a whopping $434 000 to end animal testing.