Luxury Boutique Bournemouth Hotel the Green House Launches Vegan Wedding Package

Bournemouth-based award-winning luxury hotel the Green House has launched the UK’s first fully-vegan wedding package in a bid to appeal to its eco-conscious clientele.

Bride Magazine reports that the Green House Hotel’s vegan wedding package includes a seasonal menu developed by head chef Andy Hilton, created to suit the preferences of each couple. A luxurious vegan wedding cake created by Newforest-based company Lucie Loves to Bake is also offered.

Dorset-based vegan and nontoxic beauty service Greener Beauty will provide cruelty-free hair and makeup while bridal footwear brand Charlotte Mills will provide shoes. Fairtrade wedding flowers will also be available to couples.

All aspects of the vegan wedding package adhere to the boutique hotel’s mission of promoting eco-friendly, sustainable living. According to Green House Hotel manager Olivia O’Sullivan, the new service comes as a result of consumer demand. “We’d noticed such an increase in vegan weddings which had also become so well-known among our vegan suppliers that we decided to create this Vegan Wedding Package,” she said.

Outside of the Green House Hotel, UK residents are increasingly seeking vegan wedding cakes. Last May, Bee Berrie of the award-winning UK bakery Bee’s Bakery, said that her customers have ordered more cakes free from eggs, milk, butter, and honey for their special day. Plant-based eating is so popular, she said, that some guests order their cakes with at least one tier vegan in order to accommodate guests.“I’ve spent hours perfecting recipes, tweaking the batter a bit here and there. It’s been fun finding a new way to be creative with cakes,” Berrie said.

Vegan weddings are becoming more popular in the U.S. as well. Last year, leading fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue named vegan food as a top wedding trend of 2017. Vogue isn’t the only mainstream outlet that’s embraced the trend. In March 2017, Martha Stewart Weddings, a quarterly magazine and online resource published by Martha Stewart Living, released a guide titled “How to Successfully Throw a Vegan Wedding—Even If Your Guests Expect Meat.”

For more information on the Green House Hotel’s vegan wedding package, see here. For tips on making your special day cruelty-free, see our vegan wedding planning guide.

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