Luxury Department Chain Rolls Out Vegan Menu Across the UK

Luxury British department store Harvey Nichols recently announced their first ever vegan event, in celebration of Veganuary. Now, the lavish chain has furthered their innovation by adding new vegan menus across all of their UK stores. The dishes will feature “indulgent, mouth-watering flavours” and are designed to please vegans and nonvegans alike.

The new menus will hit venues all over the UK, including Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds and multiple London locations. Though the menu differs slightly in each location, some featured dishes include tomato and chilli linguine with butternut squash, egg-free omelette, vegan fish ‘n’ chips, and golden raisin-stuffed pumpkin served with red and white cabbage and a vegan mayonnaise, to name a few.

The enticing menus are good news for non-vegans as well, as the changes are intended to please everyone, regardless of if you are “a committed carnivore, a fish fanatic or already a devoted vegan”.

Beverages free of animal products are also available, including French Chene Bleu rose and an Italian Primitivo Fatalone red wine, as well as a range of delicious desserts.

Apple cinnamon cake with hazelnut ice cream, banana split, chocolate cremeux with blood orange sorbet and hazelnut praline, and coconut rice condé served with mango sorbet are all available to try.

Harvey Nichols is best known for their designer fashion, accessories and beauty products. It is not yet clear whether the introduction of cruelty-free eating may indicate a more forward-thinking, vegan direction for the stores and the rest of their products.

Image Credit: Harvey Nichols